PT 1.1 - Engineering Goals

8 Practical Questions:

- What method can we use to achieve maximum efficiency? 

- What is considered as "high efficiency"? What is the range of strength to weight ratio to be able to fit this criteria of "high efficiency" ?

- Is building a heavier and sturdier bridge better than building a lighter bridge?

If we explore this aspect, we realise that if we reduce the weight of the bridge, this MAY result in lesser amount of weight being held, and yet if we increase the weight the bridge can hold, the bridge will need more reinforcement, which requires more weight. As such, we must find out which method is better.

- In what way does the measurements of the bridge affect the amount of load it can hold?

- What does the way the load is applied (i.e. hanging from the centre) change in our bridge designing?

- How do we prevent the breakage of the bridge, or the damage of members and joints?

- What is the most reliable way to stick ice-cream sticks together such that they do not fall apart so easily?

- What is the difference between using normal adhesive and super glue? Will that difference affect the way our bridge is glued? How will it affect the way our bridge is glued?

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